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Community education

The Southern Interior Weed management Committee welcomes the opportunity to speak to clubs, organizations, and community groups. Presentations are interactive, informative and share how you can help in the war against weeds. Topics include weed identification, weed management strategies and developing a weed management plan. To book your presentation, please contact the committee coordinator.

Field days

Each summer the SIWMC offers noxious weed field days in communities throughout the Thompson-Nicola Regional District. Participants learn how to identify weeds in their area, weed management strategies and various methods of control. Staff from agencies involved in weed management are also often in attendance to bring information to the public and answer questions. Check out our News and Events page for information about upcoming field days.

School presentations

The SIWMC will gladly accept invitations to speak to students of all ages about invasive plants in our area. For children aged 5-12, an educational toolkit featuring various Weed Warriors media (brochure, card games, colouring books, stickers, etc.) is also available and offers an exciting opportunity for students to learn about and understand the environmental impacts of noxious weeds in our region. For further information regarding our available educational tools, or to organize a school presentation, please contact us.

Extension services for landowners

The SIWMC assists landowners and managers with their weed management challenges through free site visits, information relating to their concerns, and by coordinating work on private land with other agencies and interest groups. Contact the committee coordinator for more information.

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