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These invasive plants have established populations in the Thompson-Nicola Region. By clicking on the weed images, you will be linked to WeedsBC, where you able to see corresponding drawings, descriptions, impacts, damage and links to management strategies.


Blueweed 250x350


(Echium Vulgare)

• Biennial to short-lived perennial
• Grows to 1 metre in height
• Stems covered in stiff hairs
• Bright blue flowers
• Invades rangelands, pastures and roadsides

 bullthistle mal250

Bull thistle

(Cirsium vulgare Savi Tenore)

• biennial plant abundant in BC
• leaves are alternate, deeply lobed
• stout spines at the leaf lobes and tips
• stems are erect and branched
• large pinkish to purple flowers 4-5cm wide in clusters

Bernie Graffunder 250

Canada thistle

(Cirsium arvense L. Scop.)

• perennial that grows up to 2m tall
• leaves are spiny, alternate, oblong or lance shaped
• white to puple flower heads
• flowers in cluster of 1 to 5 per branch

diffuse flower 250

Diffuse knapweed

(Centaurea diffusa Lam.)

• biennial to perennial introduced from the Mediterranean
• white or pink flowers
• short, sharp spines on flower head bracts
• seeds commonly spread from tumbling plants

Dalmatian toadflax 250

Dalmatian toadflax 

(Linaria genistifolia spp. dalmatica)

• perennial introduced from Southeastern Europe
• spreads by both seeds and creeping roots
• waxy leaves are pale green and clasp stem
• yellow snapdragon-like flowers

ht 250

Hound's tongue

(Cynoglossum officinale)

• biennial introduced from Europe
• soft & hairy basal leaves
• red-purple flowers
• teardrop seed burrs
• toxic to livestock
• seed attach to people and animals


Hoary Alyssum 250

Hoary alyssum

(Berteroa incana)

• annual to short-lived perennial
• upper leaves elliptic and clasp at stem
• white flowers with deeply notched petals
• oval somewhat flattened seed pods near stem
• toxic to horses

sulphur cinquefoil flower 250

Sulphur cinquefoil

(Potentilla recta)

• perennial introduced from Eurasia
• pale yellow flowers with dark center
• 5 heart shaped petals
• leaves palmate
• 5 to 7 toothed leaflets
• stems have erect hairs

Orange Hawkweed 250

Orange hawkweed

(Hieracium aurantiacum)

• orange / red flowers
• basal rosette of leaves
• bristly-hairy stems that exude a milky juice when broken

 Spotted Knapweed 250

Spotted knapweed

(Centaurea biebersteinii)

• perennial introduced from Eurasia
• purple flowers
• black tipped bracts on flower head are easy to "spot"
• prolific seed producer

Leafy Spurge 250

Leafy spurge

(Euphorbia esula)

• perennial introduced from Europe
• reproduces by seeds and deep vigorous roots
• yellow-green flower clusters with heart shaped bracts
• exudes a white latex juice that irritates skin

common burdock 250

Common burdock

(Arctium minus)

• biennial plant is native to Europe
• purple flowers
• velcro-like seed burrs
• large rough basal leaves
• hairy leaves with wavy margins

scentless chamomile 250

Scentless chamomile

(Matricaria perforata Merat)

• annual / short lived perennial
• white daisy-like flower
• multiple flower heads per stem
• leaves are fern-like
• can produce up to 300,000 seeds per plant
• plant is odourless when crushed